15 web designing trends for 2022

Cultural shifts occur all across the world and have an impact on design trends as well. In the digital design world, we’ve seen a lot of significant developments this year. COVID-19 has quarantined us, forcing us to delve deeper into the digital realm and altering our lifestyles. Designers have been challenged to recreate real-life experiences and make them available digitally as a result of our distant, stay-at-home reality.

15 web designing trends for 2022

Here are some web designing trends we foresee will make an impact in the following year 2022:

  • Delightful mini-sites

Humour and fun have many forms, a website that induces laugh can also be very fun to make. The developers should have a fun job too?

Creating a funny website also gives the creators the freedom to experiment and just be creative. They can come up with all sorts of design stops without worrying much about the professional aspect.

Bringing humor is not just the funny material of the site but instead, makes the whole site funny. From menus to interactions make everything with a touch of humor. Be subtle and not too on the face. Try to create a site that works in unexpected ways so that every time people tap in they find something. This will also encourage them to return back over and over again.

  • Web-based scavenger hunts

Websites actually lend their structures to puzzles and scavenger hunts. Plant obvious Easter eggs for your users, daisy-chain the pages, password protect parts of them then ask for answers to unlock them.

Here are a few ways to conceal and reveal easter eggs and answers:

  • Provide word-based riddles to crack a clue.
  • Find a word hidden in your main site.
  • Find hidden clickable elements on the page.
  • Draw a shape.
  • Encourage to decode.

Just don’t forget to give your users obvious clues so that they make it till the end rather than giving up on the site totally. A scavenger hunt is mostly used to create hype for a product launch.

  • App-like experiences

This can really be the true future of web design. The world has shifted to using apps now. The logical next step will be to incorporate features of apps with websites. Some imagine that we are headed back to the times when sites were everything. Now, even new tools are there to make sites more dynamic, interaction-focused designs are easier to create.

  • One-page websites

The least complex site is sometimes the most effective one. The popularity of one-page sites is increasing. These sites discard the traditional menus and navigation in favour of simple scroll and navigation, revealing everything within one page. These are best when the subject matter is narrower. It is like evoking the feeling of holding a flyer or reading a billboard. All the information needed is present on one page and much navigation is not needed.

  • Art deco motifs

Art deco motifs fit well in these times and spaces. Nowadays, trends take inspiration from clean, minimalist and repetitive graphics. These elements inspire beautiful logos, fonts, spacer motifs, illustrations etc. If you want to effectively design in this style you have to understand the philosophy behind the original art deco movement.

  • Fewer images in heroes

In the upcoming years, many designers will opt for hero sections and land pages that directly speak with the design rather than depending on photographs and images. Photographs of heroes give a big visual impact. Simply, sometimes eliminating the distraction of a splashy image puts the focus more on style and content.

Oversized typography
Typography of unusual size is the next big trend. When words are typed at a certain size, they become more graphic. This is one versatile technique that keeps the look classy.

  • Interactive fonts

As we take the use of text even further, some creative ways have been found to move texts so that they play with the pointer of the user’s mouse. There are many ways to make texts interactive by applying many animation effects that would change like an electric appliance with the push of one button. But it should also be kept in mind that some people are distracted by moving texts.

  • Collage illustrations

This lets your site be more flexible because you don’t have to focus the entire design on just one picture. Incorporate shapes and patterns to make it look more interesting. Blend everything with the overall design.

  • Abstract illustrations

Another trend is abstract illustrations; it just adds to the overall vibe. People always like something that is a little natural and sophisticated. These sorts of illustrations can be created with the least amount of art supplies. One of the keys is to incorporate various textures and natural asymmetry with ink, paint or cloth.

  • Gradients with grain

Gradients are very popular already, added grains create an entirely different effect. A perfect gradient has to be modern and slick with a futuristic feeling.

  • Linework

Intricate linework is both modern and throwback. Lines can be used to outline headings paragraphs and conclusions. A linework illustration can be used to make it more sophisticated.

  • Split-screen websites

Split-screen websites are interesting too because they help the audience to multitask. It is also a great way to play with color and there is a natural separation of content.

  • Personalized experience

This appeals to human nature and universal needs. You will lose your business if your site lacks personalization at any level.

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