Meet Katie Sakov: A Proud Muslim Woman Who Is Changing The Face Of Fitness

Katie Sakov is a Muslim woman who is changing the face of fitness. She is the founder of Fit Muslimah, a website and online community dedicated to helping Muslim women lead healthy and active lives. Katie is a certified personal trainer and has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She has helped women of all shapes and sizes achieve their fitness goals, and she is passionate about helping others live their best lives. In this interview, Katie talks about her own journey to fitness, her mission to empower other Muslim women, and how she is changing the face of fitness one woman at a time.

Who is Katie Sakov?

Katie Sakov is a 24-year-old Muslim woman from Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of FitRani, a health and fitness company for women.

Katie was born in the United States to Egyptian parents. She grew up observing Ramadan and attending mosque with her family. Despite her religious upbringing, Katie says she was never fully comfortable with her faith until she began exploring it on her own as an adult.

“It wasn’t until I started my own journey of self-discovery and spirituality that I realized how much I actually loved being Muslim,” she says.

Katie’s journey has led her to become a strong advocate for Muslim women’s rights and representation in the media. She is using her platform to show the world that Muslim women are just like any other women – they just happen to wear hijabs!

“My goal is to break down barriers and help create a more inclusive society for all women, no matter what their religion or background may be.”

In addition to her work as an activist, Katie is also passionate about health and fitness. She wants to help other Muslim women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

“I want to show them that they can be strong and healthy without compromising their beliefs or values.”

What does Katie Sakov do?

Katie Sakov is a Muslim woman who is changing the face of fitness. She is a certified personal trainer and has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Katie is also a mom of two young children.

Katie’s mission is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. She does this by offering personal training services, group fitness classes, and online coaching programs that are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

In addition to her work as a fitness professional, Katie is also an outspoken advocate for body positivity and inclusivity. The Fit Muslimah, and has been featured in several media outlets for her work in promoting positive body image within the Muslim community.

Why is Katie Sakov unique?

Katie Sakov is a unique individual for many reasons. First and foremost, Katie is a proud Muslim woman who is passionate about fitness and healthy living. Katie is also an immigrant to the United States, which brings its own set of challenges and experiences.

Katie’s commitment to fitness began at a young age when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. While managing her diabetes, Katie realized the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This led her to pursue a career in fitness and health coaching.

Through her work, Katie hopes to inspire other Muslim women to lead active and healthy lifestyles. She also wants to break down barriers and stereotypes that exist around Muslims and fitness. By doing so, she hopes to change the way people think about Muslims and show that they can be successful in any field – even fitness!

How is Katie Sakov changing the face of fitness?

In a world where the fitness industry is dominated by skinny white women, Katie Sakov is making waves as a plus-size Muslim woman.

Sakov, who is originally from Russia, started her own fitness company, Kfit, in Dubai in 2014. Kfit offers group fitness classes and personal training for women of all shapes and sizes.

What sets Kfit apart from other fitness companies is its inclusivity. Sakov makes it a point to create a safe and comfortable environment for her clients, many of whom are Muslims who have never worked out in a public setting before.

“I want to show Muslim women that it’s okay to be active and to sweat,” Sakov says. “There’s no need to be ashamed.”

In addition to changing the face of fitness, Sakov is also working to break down stereotypes about Muslim women. She hopes that by showing the world thatMuslim women can be fit and healthy, she’ll help change the way people think about Islam and Muslims.


Katie Sakov is an inspiring woman who is changing the face of fitness. As a proud Muslim woman, she is breaking down barriers and showing others that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We are so excited to see what she accomplishes next!

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