Kattalyst Cattery

Participants in Kattalyst are law firm associates who want to grow their practice and learn more about law firm economics. The program teaches them how to generate business ideas, develop a business plan and solicit feedback. Partners also benefit from Kattalyst. They learn more about billing credit, how to provide effective feedback and how to create new business relationships.


Established in 1998, Kattalyst cattery focuses on breeding Balinese, Siamese, and Oriental kittens. Located in North Philadelphia, the cattery also offers veterinary services and companion animal adoption services. The cattery also offers educational materials to its customers on healthy cat care.

The small cattery is staffed by volunteers who love animals. The facility provides adoption services, microchipping, and spaying/neutering. Visitors are also welcome to meet cats and sign up for updates. The premise of this cattery is that it will make the best decision for your pet.

Veterinary clinic

Veterinary care is crucial for cats and kittens, and a new clinic in Brooklyn is designed to meet this need. A new program called Connect to Care will allow more cats to receive the care they need. This program focuses on shelter/animal welfare care and veterinary medicine. It will offer free post adoption veterinary care for a period of two weeks after adoption.

It is also possible for veterinarians to offer virtual minor medical checkups for existing clients. In fact, most states now allow veterinarians to treat clients that have been with them for at least one year through telemedicine. This technology allows veterinarians to evaluate whether a pet needs to be seen in-person or if a virtual appointment is sufficient.

Cat training classes

Cat training classes at Kattalysst are a great way to learn how to handle your cat in a calm and gentle way. The classes cover everything from litter box training and comfort to relationships with other animals in the household. You’ll also learn how to properly play with your cat to avoid boredom and other unwanted problem behaviors.

You can also enroll your cat in a kitten socialization class where you’ll be able to introduce him or her to other cats and people. The classes are designed for cats between six and fourteen weeks of age, and they allow your kitten to interact with other cats and people.

Sponsorship program

In an effort to increase diversity in the law firm and to retain underrepresented attorneys, Katten recently rolled out its Kattalyst Sponsorship program. This program offers mentoring and practical business development training to women attorneys in all stages of their career. It also provides opportunities for attorneys from underrepresented backgrounds to meet firm leaders and advance their careers.

Initially a one-time training course, the Kattalyst sponsorship program has since grown into an intensive yearlong curriculum. The program, which is administered by Mountaintop Consulting and Bunnell Idea Group, matches senior-level partners with associates, giving them hands-on training and coaching to help them achieve their goals.

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