What Does This Sanskrit Word Mean?

Dehika – What Does This Sanskrit Word Mean?

Dehika is a word in Sanskrit and Hindi. The definition of this Sanskrit word varies from one culture to another. Listed below are the different ways you can translate Dehika into English. You can also find the meaning of the word in English. The Hindi version of the word is dehika, while the English version is dehikaa.

Meaning of dehika

The Hindi name dehika has many English synonyms. Its most common meaning is “mother”. However, this name has a different meaning in other languages. For instance, it means “grandmother” in Sanskrit. Therefore, a woman named dehika can be either a mother or a grandmother.

Dehika has many different meanings in Hindi and Sanskrit. Depending on the context, it can mean anything from a worm or flea to an ant. The word is a common term for a large family in India. Its definition is significant and should not be taken lightly.

Meaning in Sanskrit

Dehika is a word that has many different meanings in Hindi, Sanskrit, and English. It may mean flea, ant, or worm, but most often, the word dehika refers to an insect. In Hindi, dehika has several different attributes, including balance, charm, and independence.

The name dehika has two possible roots: majjitum, a compound word, and tvara, a root that comes from the verb cyavayisa. In Bahuvri, i is always before the ka, but this suffix disappears in Sanskrit. Another form of dehika is ghosi, a synonym of dhanuska.

Sanskrit is a language that has been used for thousands of years in Indian culture. Its roots in the worship of the gods give it a very ancient and rich heritage. The language is also widely used in Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The language is rich and incredibly expressive. It has a very diverse vocabulary, and is widely used in the study of ancient scriptures and religious texts.

Dehika’s meaning in Sanscrit is similar to dehika’s meaning in Hindi. The word means “to look at,” which means that it describes a person who looks at something or down. In Hindi, dehika is also the name of a large family, so it’s an important word.

Sanskrit language is considered an Old Indo-Aryan language. Many ancient texts, including the Vedas, were written in Sanskrit. The Vedas were composed between 1000 and 500 BCE and are full of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. The oldest text in the Vedas is the Rigveda, which is dated around 1500 BCE.

Meaning in Hindi

Dehika means mother, a name for a woman. It is a six-character name in Hindi. It falls under the gender of Feminine and is a descendant of Sanskrit. The word has several synonyms in English. Read on to discover what each one means.

The word dehika has several different meanings in both Hindi and English, depending on its context and relation to the object. It can also mean evil, charm, will power, and balance. It also refers to someone with a strong personality and a good communicator. You can learn more about dehika by using a Hindi dictionary.

Meaning in English

Dehika means “female” in Hindi and English, and has many different synonyms in both languages. The word has several similarities with the words ‘dhanuska’ and ‘dhanuka.’ To learn more about dehika in English, keep reading for a few of these words’ meanings and usages.

Dehika has many different meanings in English, and we’ve included a list below to help you find the one that best describes what the word means. Pasttenses’ Hindi-English dictionary includes dehika meaning in English and related Hindi words. The dictionary’s translations will help you learn how to use the word effectively. The translations also include similar words from other languages.

Dehika is a very common Hindi word. It has multiple meanings, and each one will depend on the context and the relation between the verb and the object. In Hindi, it can mean a person with high willpower or charm, and it can also mean someone with quick temper. Dehika is a powerful word and one that should be used with caution. The Hindi word is also very similar to the English word, but it has different connotations.

In English, dehika means “flea” or “ants”. In Hindi, it can mean “worm,” “ant,” or “pandemic,” and even “pandemic.” Dehika has multiple meanings in Hindi, but the most common is “flea.” Dehika also has different attributes in Sanskrit.

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